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 A novel by ZooDoc, War Star Rising.
Introducing: War Star Rising! Now available.

A young Maya peasant girl dreams of a time when there will be an end to wars, slavery and human sacrificing.

To realize her dreams, Toucan Moon must courageously confront two monarchs destined for battle, and journey alone through the dangerous jungle in search of the “cave of the Wise One” where she must withstand pain in order to open the Golden Porcupine to discern the remaining number of her days.  She must also survive the bite of a deadly pit viper, and recover from an attack of Black Jaguar

Through all of this, she meets a handsome prince and they fall in love.  But can Toucan Moon and Golden Eagle stop the war before it’s too late?

     There are many legends that could be told about the life and times of the ancient Mayas.  But the one that’s most compelling and most touching is the Legend of Toucan Moon, in War Star Rising!


     Lan Sluder, Belize resident and Editor/Publisher of Belize First Magazine (www.belizefirst.com) and a Belize Travel Writer, says:


     “War Star Rising! is fast-paced, well-researched and full of authentic detail.  This is a ripping tale of adventure and romance...and a roaring good read.  It recreates the time long, long ago when the Maya ruled MesoAmerica.  ZooDoc's book probes the mysteries and romance of this exotic, yet somehow familiar, culture.  If you've ever dreamed of jaguars and jungle, if you've ever wanted to travel back in time to the Land of the Maya, if you have a speck of romance in your soul, this will be a book you simply can't put down…a must read!  Bravo, ZooDoc.” 


     Also, there are many modern-day legends that could be told about living connections to the Mayas, but none more intriguing than the coming sequel, Curse of the Black Jaguar, which tells about a beautiful descendant of Toucan Moon…who must go back in time in order to break the horrible curse.


Announce new book "Curse of the Black Jaguar."