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ZooDoc and Tamara, still very much in love after almost 12 years!
Family reunion, Tamara and ZooDoc next to oldest brother Leonard, and Marcus in front, next to Leonard’s daughter Darlene, and our younger sister Susan (Marcus’ mom).
ZooDoc being a kid with the kids.
ZooDoc’s daughter Debbie and son Ronnie on the right.
Marcus getting wet, and loving it.  It was about 110 degrees that day!
With older brother David and Susan, and Dolores and part of David’s family.
With Susan and Marcus at his assisted living home in Paradise, California.
ZooDoc “pumping iron.” He began weight lifting at age 13 with his older brother Leonard, who was nick named “Hercules” by his Alameda High School football team. Now, Leonard hardly goes to the gym. But ZooDoc continues to workout faithfully. Notice the “sweat eagle” on his chest?
Tamara’s dad John, with Tricia, mom Shirley, brothers Johnny and Jimmy.
Two monkeys in a tree, with Tamara’s niece.
Tamara with Tricia’s kids, Tristyn, Travis and Ryan.
Johnny’s boy Noah, showing off his clay sculpture of a dinosaur.
ZooDoc’s son Ronnie (affectionately known as Ronaldluski) and Alex, still in love after three kids!
Ronnie and Elé (beloved step-daughter since her infancy) and Lourdes (Lola) and Miles Davis (“the boy!”) snorkeling.
Like grandpa and his dad, Miles shows a great love for animals, even this young alligator, and, of course, his Siamese “tat” at home named Simone.
ZooDoc and Tamara 



ZooDoc's Family ZooDoc and Tamara ZooDoc's family reunion ZooDoc playing with grandkids ZooDoc's son and daughter ZooDoc playing on slip and slide
ZooDoc's family group photo ZooDoc and sister and nephew ZooDoc works out with weights Tamara's family ZooDoc and niece Tristyn
Tamara's niece and nephews Noah makes a clay dinosaur ZooDoc's son and his wife Zoodoc's son playing in the ocean Grandson holding the alligator