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People call our house in the country “the doll house.”
I DID promise her a rose garden!
The wildest lion in our jungle, Lionel, with all his latent fury and power just waiting to attack some unsuspecting moth or dra-gonfly.  I prefer it when he catches gophers.
King of the back deck.
Master of the lawn.
Showing his ability to perform the effortless balancing act.
Is he about to attack the alligator or pounce on an orange Koi?
Fat Frogbert, was hiding in the pond skimmer box.
Winky and Blinky, I told you guys to stay away from my live animal trap!
Possibly Yellow Breasted  Chats nesting, with Papa as the lookout.
Since the birds decided to put their nest in our little gazebo bird feeder, we were able to document the whole process, from eggs…
…to hatchlings…
…to bigger hatchlings…
…to fledglings…”Hello, my name is Chirpie the big mouthed fledgling.”
“And my name is Yellow Bib. Don’t bother me, now. I’m resting up a bit before I fly away to God knows where.”
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