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Spider monkey and orangutan playing tag.
ZooDoc on safari, conquering the Black Jaguar!
Elephant leading the way.
Hungry giant panda.
The stripes on a zebra are like a fingerprint.  No two are exactly alike.  Zoo keepers can tell them apart by their markings.
Gramps watching over the tomfoolery of the young monkey and ape at play.
Young grizzlies enjoying their surroundings.
Young female mountain lion, playing with and then eating a head of red cabbage (before a big male tried unsuccessfully to steal it away—not in picture).
Check out those cute tufted ears!
Peacock in all his radiant glory!  A mating display.
Two Monkeys Playing 



Zoo Animals Two monkeys playing ZooDoc's caricature San Diego Zoo entrance Panda eatiing Zebra
Old monkey Two Bears Lion eating cabbage. pig Peacock showing his feathers.